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  1. Just wanted to know what the difference between meadows and Chelsea are I’m the armoire

    1. H&H Expert Care: LCC

      Hi Chris!

      Thank you for your interest in our product line! The Meadows and Chelsea Taupe Mist are the same product. Different names are given to products per Amazon to increase visibility.

      Please let us know if you require additional assistance!

      Hives and Honey Team

    2. Musarrat Bano Ahmed

      1. I would like to know how certain it is that the following armoires will be available:
      – Cabby Jewelry Armoire ~ Tuscan Ivory
      – Sabrina Jewelry Armoire ~ Tuscan White (it says will ship by 03/01…does it mean it is currently available?)

      2. Which one from the two is more white in real life?
      3. Does the Sabrina armoire have a lock?

    3. The lid with the mirror had a defective corner chipped I was wondering if I could get another top

  2. H&H Expert Care: LCC

    Good morning!

    Thank you for your interest! We have sent you an email regarding your inquiry.

    Hives and Honey Team

  3. HI!
    I have a few questions I hope you can answer for me:
    What is the difference between the Elizabeth, the Florence and the Henry IV jewelry armoires? They look very similar
    What color is the interior felt for these armoires – are some gray and some creme? – it is hard to tell from looking at the pictures
    I am trying to match some Tommy Bahama furniture that is a reddish brown, what color armoire would best match this (cherry, walnut, honey oak, etc?)
    Thank you very much!

    1. H&H Expert Care: LCC

      Good morning,

      Those are the same styles just different names. Please let us know if you have any questions

      1. After locking cabnet , ley Will not come out of ĺock

  4. Hi!
    Just curious if the Mia or the Kora Jewelry Armoire will be back in stock.
    Edda Elias
    310-283-8832 cell

    1. H&H Expert Care: LCC

      It will be available in April.

  5. Jose Fraticelli

    Hello I ordered the hives and honey Margot jewelry armoire style number 9741 – 03 I bought it in the store at Walmart in Merrillville and it’s black but there was no Hardware in it I can’t put the legs on or the top please call me at 219-484-0983 so I can find out how to do this I destroyed the Box so I’d rather you just mail me the hardware set again please call me my name is Joe 2 19484 0983 thank you

    1. H&H Expert Care: LCC

      Good afternoon,

      Please email us at [email protected]

  6. How do I go about contacting you because one of the mirrors has a faulty screw.

    1. H&H Expert Care: LCC

      Good afternoon,

      Please send us an email to [email protected]

  7. Katherine Stehr

    The crystal knob on the bottom drawer was broken when I opened the box to put the armoire together. Can you please send a replacement knob fixture?
    I don’t want to return the entire item sine it’s something that can me replaced.

    1. H&H Expert Care: LCC

      Good afternoon,

      Please send us an email to [email protected]

  8. I ordered the Louis XVI Jewelry Armoire. I loved it. Unfortunately the necklace bars in the left side door has broken. I created a ticket on Jan 29, 2020. You have sent me 2 right side doors. One not even for my cabinet. I NEED the correct LEFT side door to repair the broken one. I have posted 2 replies on my ticket in the last week or so with NO response. Please help. I really don’t want to return this item. But if you won’t send me the correct door, I feel I will have to return it. PLEASE HELP!!

    1. H&H Expert Care: LCC

      Good afternoon,

      Please send us an email to [email protected]

  9. I’ve left a couple of messages here but have received no response. I ordered the hives & honey jewelry frame in December but when received the necklace bar was broken. Do I need to return it or can you just send me a replacement bar?

    1. H&H Expert Care: LCC

      Please email us at [email protected]

  10. I Purchased a jewelry mirror from Sam’s that needs part is there’s no contact information how to get a hold of somebody

    1. H&H Expert Care: LCC

      Please email us at [email protected]

      1. Just saw your reply. Thank you. Want to know if drawers can be custom ordered without dividers?

  11. I bought a Jenny armoire and the drawers when you pull them out have no rails or anything to keep them upright, they just lean when pulled open, causing all my ever so carefully placed jewelry to all fall to the front of the drawer, unless I stand there and hold it up. I am wondering if this is how all of your drawers are made, or possibly some of the higher end models are made differently? Also, there are no holes drilled in the lid to attach it to the box! Please let me know if any of your jewelry boxes have drawers that when pulled out do not lean. Sometimes it is nice to just leave a drawer open while you’re deciding on which piece to wear! Thanks, Cindy

    1. H&H Expert Care: LCC

      Please email us at [email protected]

  12. I wanted to know, are all armoires shipped fully assembled?

    1. H&H Expert Care: LCC

      No, all of the lids need to be attached. If the have legs you will need to assemble the legs as well.

  13. Hello! I was wondering when the Patricia will be back in stock? If I order it on backorder now, is there any estimate as to when it will be shipped?
    Thank you!

    1. H&H Expert Care: LCC

      Hello Evelyn,

      Th Patricia will not be back in stock until the end of Jan 2021

  14. Are the dividers in the drawers removable? I want to use an armoire for silverware storage.

    1. H&H Expert Care: LCC

      No, the dividers are not removeable.

  15. When will the Harris Multi-Functional Jewelry Storage Cabinet ~ White be back in stock?

    1. H&H Expert Care: LCC

      Sadly, this item has been discontinued.

  16. Leanne Parker

    My jewelry just arrived in pretty perfect shape. But I do have a concern about the ring compartment. There are two of the rows where the rings will not settle because it seems like they are sewed shut, but not visible initially. Can I fix this somehow?

    1. H&H Expert Care: LCC

      Hi Leanne,
      Can you please share what item you have that is doing this?

  17. Hello – we are interested in the Turquoise Daley Jewelry Armoire, but it is out of stock. Do you anticipate this becoming available anytime in the near future? Or anytime at all?

    1. H&H Expert Care: LCC


      This item will not be back in stock until spring of 2021

  18. Hello!
    I’m interested in the Celine Espresso Jewelry Armoire. Will this item be back in stock soon?

    1. H&H Expert Care: LCC

      This item is discontined.

  19. Got my free gift. I love it, Thank you!

  20. Mary Yarbrough

    I bought the Lou Oak armoire. I sign up so I could receive the free keychain. I did not see the “Hew Ticket” so I can get the free
    keychain. Please advise me on how to get the free keychain.
    Thank you.
    Mary Yarbrough

    1. H&H Expert Care: LCC


      Please email csm@hivesandhoney titled FREE GIFT and provide your shipping address.

  21. When will the Cabby armoire in cherry be back in stock?

    1. H&H Expert Care: LCC

      We have a couple in stock, please place you order on our website.

  22. bettyowens1978

    I have not received my Bee-Motif keychain. When I went to “My Ticket” it appears that it may have been sent but I have yet to get it. Please check your tracking. I look forward to hearing from you.. Thank you. Sincerely, Betty Frances Owens.

  23. Stephanie Sofey

    Love the little bumble bee keychain free gift from our purchase of armoire dec 2020

  24. I created a ticket bc I didn’t receive the hardware in my original packaging. You all replied weeks ago asking which armoire model. I replied and then you all never answered any other of my replies. I have replied 3 times since then on my original ticket and you all have never replied at all.. I ordered the Celion armoire and would love a reply that you all could ship out the hardware for the Celion armoire.

  25. I never received my order that I order off Amazon

  26. HELP! I have been locked out of my account because I forgot my password and I cannot finish a transaction in process. How do I get my account unlocked? There seems to be no easy way to contact you all directly for support.

  27. Billie S Landers

    I purchased a armoire in Dec 2020 for birthday gift. We just opened the box and there is no hardware, no key. It is the Morgan Armoire. I have the main case with legs, but there was nothing else in box. The pieces are useless without the hardware and I cannot lock either. It was a disappointing birthday gift. I actually purchased two within a week of each other and the other gift already opened, the Bailey, was great. I wish I had purchased two of these! Please respond.
    Billie S Landers
    5000 Dickey John Road
    Auburn, Il 62615.

  28. gvrodriguez10

    Free gift

  29. Hi Sales,

    I’m interested in purchasing your products for my

    store located in New Caledonia.

    Kindly let me know if you accept:

    – Payment by credit card ?
    – Pick up and ship by our freight company.


    James Earl (CEO)
    Earl Sales Inc
    74c Amazola Ave,
    Canala North Province, New Caledonia

  30. i ordered an armoire which was delivered early and is beautiful. i was offered a free gift, however in attempting to claim this gift it has repeatedly rejected all my diligent efforts to claim. please advise or make this easy to claim. thank you

  31. hi
    just received my Hannah jewelry armoire, but didn’t receive the Hardware (screws and bolts, to put the legs on and attach the mirror on top.
    Please send to me the hardware
    and call me, or leave your number to contact so I can assemble my armoire.
    thank you, mimi hayes, [email protected] (650) 248-4384


    I was wondering when the black Florence jewelry armoire would be back in stock? I haven’t been able to purchase it anywhere and I’m desperate!

  33. Chris Macbeth

    I am missing all hardware, key and instructions from my shipment.

  34. We would really like to purchase yourNatalie Jewellery Armoire, but we live in Canada (Toronto area). Is this possible?

  35. We have an Antonette tall Armoire and we lost the key, how do you order a new one?


  36. Karen koniuszy

    Can you please give me a call I haven’t heard anything and our jewelry armoire got delivered with a scratch. I would like a noob jewelry armoire

  37. Tuwanna Hodges

    I have purchased a Nora Jewelry Armoire
    style 4294-92 upc 850024294929
    Antique Walnut
    Can you please send the screws to the mirror and the key

  38. I bought an 11-3/4″×8-1/2″×34″ kami jewelry armoire 2/17/22 opened up 2/19/22 has no mirror, how can I get one

  39. Also noticed it doest have the 4 legs, paid 25$ just for the body? If I had known sooner I would not have bought it, was thinking of buying another one for a Christmas gift but after this I will not

  40. Jimmy Thomas

    When will the hives and honey Florence jewelry armoire in cherry be available

  41. Jimmy Thomas

    Trying to find out when the hives and honey Florence in cherry will be available

  42. Jimmy Thomas

    When will the hives and honey Florence in cherry be available

  43. Francisco Rodríguez

    Good afternoon. Do you have products (Naomi jewelers) that I would like to buy. I live in Spain. Would it be possible to send this product to Spain from your store? How much could transportation cost?
    Thank you very much for your attention.

  44. Jimmy Thomas

    Will the hives and honey Florence cherry jewelry armoire be available soon

  45. Received Cabby Jewelry Armoire and the lock isn’t functioning. I can’t remove the key when lid closed and there is a defect in the side panel and scratches all over it. I’m very disappointed.

  46. Mary Ann Meadows

    I ordered one of your Jewelry Boxes from JCPENNEY
    After inspecting the box, the 4th drawer was dirty with some type of marks! Do I take it back to JCPENNEY’S or can you give me a discount?

  47. pinkcadillacistheway

    Yes I received my Jewelry Case but the4th drawer has a dirty print. Should I take it back to JCPENNEY or do you make a adjustment .?

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