Hives & Honey Jaclyn Stackable Jewelry Tray, Gold

$59.00 $24.00


No more hunting through messy drawers for the right pieces before going to work or having a fun night out . With the Hives & Honey Jaclyn Gold Stackable Jewelry Tray Jewelry Organizer For Women, you can store the accessories you often wear under the glass lid for easy access. This Gold Stackable Jewelry Tray has a simple elegance, it’s perfect as a birthday gift, anniversary gift, or a “just because I love you gift” for your loved ones.

  • Stackable Jewelry Tray; sold as a set of 2
  • Both trays are fully lined with anti-tarnish felt with a gold shimmer.
  • Topped by another 2″ tray with six small 3″ x “3 divided compartments, one 6″ x 4” compartments and four ring rolls.


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