The Driving Factors of Exceptional Customer Service.

The Driving Factors of Exceptional Customer Service.

1.  The customer is BOSS. No customer, no business.  Yes, there are those instances where someone might be rude and we want to get away from the inevitable truth.  That truth is that if someone is frustrated it is for a reason.

2.  Being a great listener.  9.9/10 times you will diffuse a customer service bomb by simply using active listening.  Knowing when to be quiet, and knowing when to speak.  Most importantly is getting the facts, and reassuring the customer that you have their best interest at heart.

3.  Feedback.  Encourage every customer to provide feedback.  Preferably by taking a survey from where they bought the product.  Never encourage positive feedback, because this can potentially skew the truth.  You should definitely always ask probing questions such as “Have I answered all of your questions”, “Is there anything else that I can do for you”, “Have we delivered the level of service that you have expected”, etc.

4.  Be Sincere!  Customers can hear this in the tone of your voice.  People are driven by feelings in all aspects of life, and it is very important that we take these feelings into consideration with every word we speak.

5.  We always want to hear YES.  It is very important that any and every question asked has a solution.  There are things that we know to be easy as far as taking care of the customer.  In these cases it is very easy to say yes and take care of their concern.  There are those instances or “one off” situations that we may not be used to handling in customer service.  Going the extra mile and always finding a way to say YES, I can help you with this is what everyone that cares about delivering exceptional customer service should do.

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